Managed Services, Unlimited Opportunities

When you implement a Vendor Management System you also must identify your program’s operation model and make sure the VMS you select supports that model. A VMS cannot be successful if your operation has to be forced-fit into a rigid VMS model!

The ideal model for one organization is never the same for another, which is why XRMSM System offers flexible models tailored to the distinct and unique needs of each customer.

Opportunity costs: XRMSM has deployed programs in as little as 12 weeks. Start operating and start generating cost savings faster than most other VMS systems in the market while handling the complex contingent labor models.

For Managed Service
Providers (MSP)

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For Master Vendor
(MV) Providers

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For Vendor On Premise
(VOP) Providers

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For Internally
Managed MSP

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For Recruitment Process
Outsourcing (RPO)

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XRMSM System – Sourcing Workflows

Contingent Labor

XRMSM system supports all staff augmentation contingent labor programs including: IT, Engineering, Accounting/Finance, Legal, Clinical, Managerial, Clerical, Call Center and Light Industrial Manufacturing.

Statement of Work (SOW)

For companies using SOW project-based milestone deliverables, XRMSM System has SOW customizable templates that can be sent to a preferred vendor list or by conducting an RFx Event. RFx events and vendor selections are done external to VMS, resulting SOWs can be entered into XRMSM System and tracked.

Independent Contractor

Independent Contractors (1099 in the US) can be provided by vendors or by orders being "pushed" out to Gig Platforms (e.g., TopTol, Raven, Upwork and more) and on-boarded through the MSP or Payroll Service Provider.


VMS companies typically work in tandem with a Contingent Workforce Program Management Office (PMO) to offer a total Non-employee solution. Customarily, an MSP provider or customer’s internal representatives staff the PMO and manage the day-to-day functions relative to the contingent workforce. XSI team members work with your PMO team to implement the contingent workforce program and provide on-going level-2 support.