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XRMSM system is a cloud based service organization dedicated to providing total Contingent Workforce Staffing solutions for our clients. In 2000, our leadership team anticipated the future of Contingent Workforce Staffing as being dominated by companies offering both vendor management services and online procurement software. After researching and reviewing the software systems on the market at that time, the team realized none accomplished what they thought to be vitally important for online systems.

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Powerful solutions which we are providing

Vendor Solution

Neutral Solution



XRMSM Vendor Management System

XRMSM system's architecture and system capabilities are listed below which can be tailored to a client's individual requirements. Further, the XRMSM system's team is able develop add-on software that may be needed for their unique business model needs.


XRMSM system is a proven Vendor Management System (VMS) that is used to automate the contingent staffing management process within all types of organizations across the globe...

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Implementing an enterprise-wide VMS deployment is a big step, and we’re happy to help you work out the kinks. At XRMSM system we are keenly aware that efficiency standards can be improved...

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The XRMSM System’s reporting will be quickly viewed as having a key role in monitoring and managing your Contingent Workforce and SOW program. The reports, along with user-defined dashboards...

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XRMSM Clock has been designed to be directly integrated with the XRMSM System. This makes the XRMSM System the only VMS system with a real-time clock interface...

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With XRMSM mobile app you can create, monitor and review the requisition on the go. Furthermore, the app will allow you to enter work hours anytime, anywhere.

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XRMSM Service Programs

Contingent Labor

XRMSM system supports all contingent labor programs including: IT, Engineering, Accounting/Finance, Legal, Clinical, Managerial, Clerical, Call Center and Light Industrial Manufacturing.

Statement of work (sow)

For companies using SOW project-based milestone deliverables, XRMSM has SOW customizable templates that can be sent to a preferred vendor list or by conducting an RFx Event.

Independent Contractor

Independent Contractors (1099 in the US) can be provided by vendors or by orders being "pushed" out to Gig Platforms (e.g., TopTol, Raven, Upwork and more) and on-boarded through the MSP or payroll service provider.