Become a partner

Partnership is Key to Customer Support

Your company has several strengths: client relationships, access to client decision makers, unique attributes and capabilities, and existing partnerships with other supplier organizations

Success of XRM Solutions Inc. (XSI) is based on partnerships – partnerships with clients, technology companies, and with Managed Service Providers (MSP).

Why Partner with XSI ?

  • No cash investment required
  • Proven service solution
  • Short time frame to become operational
  • Gain a competitive advantage/maintain competitiveness
  • Increase sales
  • Make it easier to do business
  • Improve efficiency and/or decrease costs
  • Position your company to be a player in the evolving market for contingent staffing
  • Rigorous safeguards (contracts, policies, procedures and systems) are implemented to insure both parties are protected and the relationship is a win-win for your company and VMS provider
  • Proactive, supportive and reliable partner

By partnering with XSI you can provide value, cost savings, and process improvement to your key accounts. Below are just a few things we can accomplish together:

  • Maintaining Account Control
  • Fulfilling clients’ evolving requirements
  • Providing exclusive reporting
  • Managing spend

As an added value, you can expect to:

  • Grow your client base
  • Attract and secure new business
  • Stay competitive