Know About XRMSM System


XRMSM system is a cloud based service organization dedicated to providing total Contingent Workforce Staffing solutions for our clients. In 2000, our leadership team anticipated the future of Contingent Workforce Staffing as being dominated by companies offering both vendor management services and online procurement software. After researching and reviewing the software systems on the market at that time, the team realized none accomplished what they thought to be vitally important for online systems, which was providing customization and tailoring options to meet individual client requirements. At the time, customization options were limited, offering clients little or no flexibility. Understanding this need, the XRMSM system team decided to develop a distinct online procurement software designed to enhance their vendor management services.

Since that time, XRMSM system has invested heavily in development centered on client feedback and has been providing a web-enabled software (XRMSM Systems) and tailored assistance programs to optimize the procurement and management of contingent labor.

It provides automated solutions for managing temporary workforce procurement, professional payrolling services, time and expense management, and related administrative services.

In the recent years, XRMSM system became one of the first VMS software systems to automate the procurement processes unique to the Light Industrial or Commercial arena with the launch of Commercial module within the XRMSM System.

Today, XRMSM system offers our clients total Contingent Workforce Solutions in Professional Services, Light Industrial, and Commercial Services. We service clients in many industries, and understand the distinguishable characteristics of the businesses.

XRMSM system is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. and is considered to be one of the top Vendor Management Systems in the United States.