XRMTM System Time Clock

Real Time Visibility to Labor Data within VMS

XRMTM System Clock has been designed to be directly integrated with the XRMTM System. This makes the XRMTM System the only VMS system with a real-time clock interface.

Features include:

  • Contingent worker assignments are entered in the VMS (XRMTM System) and automatically appear in the XRMTM System Clock, thereby eliminating data entry errors and delays.
  • Real time punch data, along with any adjustments, is accessible within the XRMTM System.
  • Multiple reports and dashboard charts are available in XRMTM System related to the data captured by XRMTM System Clock.
  • Same ease-of-use technology that customers of XRMTM System have come to expect and value.

Time Punch Made Simple

By utilizing details already recorded in their assignment record within XRMTM System which is automatically refreshed in the XRMTM System Clock such as shift, department and cost accounting codes temporary employees just need to use a personal PIN or badge to punch in or out.

Extensive Reporting

Use of XRMTM System Clock provides the XRMTM System users additional real-time reports that are extremely valuable to front-line managers. Reports include:

  • Weekly and Daily Punch Details
  • Tardy and Absentee Reports
  • Employees Approaching OT